Google has just made an update to their requirements for structured data as of September 2019. Actually Google makes a lot of changes to their structured data requirements every couple months, and our app Get Clicked SEO updates our code to stay on top of it!

If you are monitoring your Google Search Console account, you might see you have 600 errors all of a sudden because of this new BreadcrumbList error. That's because this error most likely appears on every page of your website.

In summary, Get Clicked SEO provides correct structured data that helps your website be eligible for rich snippets through Google. 

Get Clicked SEO does not cause this BreadcrumbList error.  

Let me dig into more info of what it is, why it's happening, and how you can fix it.

Why are you seeing so many errors?

The new "Breadcrumb" error is coming from incorrect structured data in your theme.

If you test out your product pages on Google's Structured Data Testing Tool, you will see if you have any errors (they are displayed clearly in RED).

The new BreadcrumbList error looks like this example below:

Why is this happening? 

Chances are you probably have incorrect structured data that was included for "free" with your theme.

The theme developers have included this BreadcrumbList structured data but haven't updated it, and so now it has errors.

Does Get Clicked SEO cause any errors?

No, our app's code is 100% error free. In fact, we don't include structured data for BreadcrumbList. 

If you are seeing this error, it's coming from your theme.

How do I fix this error?

We recommend getting in touch with your theme developer and asking them to update their structured data, or remove their structured data from your website.


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