Ad position is different than Organic position. 

We show your "organic position."  

Ad position is a paid placement on search results.

Organic position is not paid for, it's when Google chooses to show you in search results all on their own.

Organic position is where you show up on search results organically, naturally when people search for a term or phrase.  

When people search for something (aka: a keyword) the results that get displayed naturally are ranking "organically" for that keyword.

In other words, they are not being shown because they paid for an advertisement, but because their SEO is excellent and they are ranking for that keyword.  

Our app helps you see if you show up on the first ten pages of Google search results.

Our Keyword tracker tool shows your "organic position" for the keyword you want to track.  

This is an unpaid position, which means you'll need to rank for this term naturally without paying for it.

 When it says 100+ on our app, this means that you are not yet being displayed on the first ten pages of Google with organic search. 

But don't worry, you can continue working towards this goal and monitor your progress. 

In summary, ad rank/ ad position are different than organic rank/organic position. 

The first is paid, the latter is unpaid.  

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