If you are wondering how to change your homepage's appearance on Google search results, this article is for you. 

 1.) Go to your online store

2.) Click on Preferences in the Shopify admin panel

3.) Change your homepage title (aka: page title) and meta ddescription. Click save.

Keep in mind that the way you appear in search results will not change instantly.

You'll need to wait for Google to visit your site and notice your changes. They'll need to crawl and index your site, and then they can show your new meta description and page title in search results.

How long does it take for Google to see your changes?
This depends on Google. Since they have a billion websites to manage, they are busy hopping around from site to site. 

In general, it usually takes as little as 4 days up to a several weeks for them to see your changes.

Make sure you have signed up for a free Google Search Console account.

To speed up the process, we recommend re-submitting your XML sitemap to Google Search Console. 

This gets their attention and helps them see your changes much quicker.

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