Question: Why is the review data missing when I check structured data of a product with a review?  

Answer: The review data is not missing, only the "review" field which is a common issue that can be ignored.

If you are seeing the warning "The review field is recommended. Please provide a value if available" this is nothing to worry about. 

The good news is this is totally harmless and is safe to ignore. You don't need to fix anything.   

This means that the review field is missing from your structured data. 

In order for Google to display stars, you just need to have “aggregateRating” @type, reviewCount, and ratingValue which are all there in the structured data. 

So you’re all set! 👍🏼

The “review” field is missing on all websites and is nothing to worry about. You can safely ignore this “warning.”

Warnings are just "recommendations."  A warning is not an error.  

This is common with every review app we’ve seen so far, and again, is nothing to worry about.  

The “review” warning is because the review app you are using does not have the “Review” field updated in their code for the current year.

If you're still unsure, you can always check if your page supports "rich results" by testing out a product URL in Google's Rich Results Test. 😁 

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