Do you have errors in your structured data? 

This isn't something you need to worry about. Let me explain why this is happening and how Google will handle these errors.

The errors/warnings you are seeing are coming from your theme.

If you click on the individual errors, you’ll notice that it is HTML and you can see it's coming from within your theme.

Do I need to fix these errors?


Luckily, errors are very common and this isn’t something you need to worry about.

You don’t need to fix these errors in your theme as they are ignored by Google. Yup, you've heard correctly. Google won’t penalize your for having incorrect structured data

Our app will override the errors in your theme, and this will make Google happy! 

Google will use the correct information we’ve given them.

Google is smart enough to use the most accurate version of your structured data (which is provided by our app Get Clicked).

Google will see this correct information and ignore any incorrect structured data.

Does Get Clicked fix errors?

Our app overrides your errors ( as long as you keep the app installed ).  

What if I want to fix these errors?

A good rule of thumb is that you can ignore errors because the Get Clicked app will supply Google with accurate structured data and Google will ignore the rest.

What if you really want to fix the errors in your theme? 

Although it is not necessary, you can choose to hire a programmer to fix your theme so you don't see these errors any longer in your Google Search Console reports. 

We recommend checking out Shopify Experts where you can find an expert at a fair price.

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