Step 1: Sign up for a free account with Google Search Console 

Note: If you already have an account, please skip to Step 2.😃

You can create an account here.

Choose this URL prefix, it's easier for beginners to start with.

Next, for the verification process,  the easiest verification is HTML tag.

Make sure not to confuse this with HTML file which is much more complicated.

Step 2: Submit your XML sitemap to Google Search Console

From the Google Search Console Dashboard click on Sitemap on the left hand menu.

You will see a screen like this one below.

Enter the text  "sitemap.xml" after the / slash (without any quotes of course).

Click submit.

Now your sitemap should display and it should say "Pending".

Check back later in a day or two, and it should say "Success" in green letters.


Over time, you'll see that the number of Discovered URLs will increase as Google crawls and indexes the pages on your website.

You're All Done!

Your XML sitemap is now submitted to Google!

As you continue to add products to your shop and other types of content your XML sitemap will update automatically and inform Google of any changes.

Important Note:

Make sure that you're submitting your XML sitemap URL, and not your HTML sitemap URL.

If you accidentally submit your HTML sitemap URL to Google Search Console, you'll get an error.

Your XML sitemap is your website URL plus "/sitemap.xml" at the end.

✅ Correct Example: 

🚩 Wrong Example:


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